Reflection is the Cornerstone of Growth

Amber's Reflection

September of 2021 begins my 20th year of Massage Therapy. Looking back over the years, I am incredibly thankful for where this journey has taken me and the many influential people who have made me the Therapist I am today! Indulge me the walk through memory lane.

-Mr. and Mrs. Wolin, Sharon Byler and Aaron Pavlechko of The Central PA School of Massage for their teachings and encouragement, for nurturing my calling to be a Massage Therapist.

-Susan McGoldrick, LMT. Hand Chiropractic in Fort Collins Colorado for taking me under her wing, guiding me and molding me with her unique style, I am forever grateful and still rely on these techniques to enhance my clients wellness.

-Dr. Klingensmith for giving me the best start anyone could ask for. 10 years of skill building and a lasting friendship... the knowledge I gained from his years of experience is priceless. I would not be where I am today if it was not for this wonderful opportunity!!

-Jennifer Tucker, my Herbalist mentor who has shared her love of foraging walks through nature collecting herbs, guiding me to create the nourishing oils I use while planting the seeds of herbalism in my life. My healthy ways will always thank her for this.

-Shanti Dechen, my Aromatherapy guru. Shanti has guided my senses with Essential Oils. This blend of aromatic teachings and friendship has awakened a higher level of healing, a synergy at my fingertips.

-Cathy Amenta, LMT. Amenta Massage of Colorado to whom I am forever grateful for the mountain energy we share!! She has the most amazing style of Massage I have ever experienced... a true balance; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually which made me see clearly the value of mind/body connection and forever transformed my vision. It would be an honor to reach her level of experience as a Bodyworker... she is my mentor, my friend and inspiration.

I am eternally grateful for each one of these amazing people who have crossed my path, who have touched my soul and made an impact on my vision and connection to Massage Therapy. They say that Massage touches lives... it has touched mine and flows through me, a gift I love sharing.

Although we are told to be mindful of living in the moment, we always seem to be seeking the next step in our path. As I approach a 20 year milestone; I begin to wonder, where do I go from here, how can I continue to touch the lives of my Family of clients who have so generously chosen me to be part of their wellness... I’ve been told age has something to do with this, as most of my life lessons come from the wise words shared from your side of the table. I once read that “reflection is the cornerstone of growth.” You know me well enough to know that this quote touched my heart and left me inspired. I dug deep and tuned into my purpose. My Herbal mentor Jennifer once shared with me following one of our foraging walks that it made her so happy to “plant the seed” of knowledge, watch it grow and be shared. Teachable moments, full circle... plant the seed.

There is beauty in relationships that are formed when you reach this stage of a career, we have seen all aspects of each other’s lives blossom before our eyes. I feel honored to be part of your world. This connection has brought me to a new path along my journey, the next step...

Olivia Carter, a daughter of one of my dearest clients couldn’t wait to share that she had enrolled in Massage school. Her journey was beginning, she was filled with such excitement and positive energy. We spent some time sharing our experiences from clinic, on course material, the many modalities of Massage and tuning into her gift as a Massage Therapist. These conversations sparked a revival of my own passion and purpose, why I love being a Massage Therapist.

Upon her completion of the program in November of 2019, Olivia told me she hoped to gain more experience locally before chasing her dream of heading to Colorado... go girl go I told her, then it all made sense to me, pay it forward...

Olivia Carter, LMT has chosen to share my space and begin seeing clients here at Bella Vista Massage and Spa as an Independent Contractor.

We believe it’s a beautiful opportunity to begin her career. Let’s watch her grow...

Amber Goss, LMT