Hippie at Heart 

What moves me and touches my soul... who I am

Rocky Mountains 

September 2021

Colorado, these Mountains... are my escape, my revival... that move me and touch my soul so that I can give you the very best of me.   

Graceful Support and Understanding 

June 2020

An Ivory Rose symbolizes thoughtfulness and grace; a beautiful way to show one cares. This Ivory Rose expresses my appreciation of your patience, understanding and eagerness to return to Bella Vista Massage and Spa. My heart and hands can’t wait to welcome you back with open arms.

Please continue to be patient with all Licensed Professionals and Small Businesses who are simply trying to comply with all the new standards and guidelines required of them by their liability companies and State licensing agencies. Please realize that your understanding and encouraging support positively impacts the flowing transition back to normalcy.

This is how to gracefully support your favorite Small Business.

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals 

May 2020

As the World turned upside down with the spread of Covid-19; ABMP immediately responded to all of its members with utmost care, compassion and professionalism. As we scrambled, they paved the path by keeping us grounded and informed. They have been honest with their concerns for both Therapists and Clients, they have been a neutral ground among the polarities of opinions and their professionalism; a guiding light! Bella Vista Massage and Spa will implement all of ABMP’s guidelines in regards to the upcoming green phase reopening of PA because I value that they truly have -our- best interests at heart. It is for the heath, safety and wellness of everyone who values their time at Bella Vista Massage and Spa. I am committed to you, committed to getting through this together and I will continue to assess the path forward.

For years; ABMP has set a higher standard for Massage Therapists and Massage Therapy across the board, their advice during this difficult time speaks volumes!!!

•ABMP Certified Loyal Member since September 22, 2001•

A commitment was made to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and strictly adhere to a Code of Ethics. Going on 19 years, I am proud to be ABMP!!!

Openminded, Peaceful World

May 2020

Life is a series of routines, loops we created for ourselves to get us through the day. For some, these stay constant while for others, may be ever changing. We rely deeply on the plan yet when rerouted, we are completely thrown off. In this moment lies opportunity, do we strive with all our might to get back on course or do we explore off the beaten path?

“Soul searching” is defined as “deep, anxious consideration of one's emotions and motives or of the correctness of a course of action; involving or expressing deep consideration.” It is in moments of discourse that we gain open mindedness to evaluate the past and to foresee the future... unprejudiced.

In this middle of the road moment we experience true balance; yin/yang. Envision a circle with two halves, each containing a small amount of opposing energy representing the concept of equal power. Opposite in nature yet complimentary, neither superior or inferior, neither can exist without the other. Everything in nature is based upon a dualist principal and reminds us that the only true path to harmony is through balance. This ancient symbol of harmony reminding us that even in the bad there is good and in times of darkness there is light. This is the very nature of Life.

What we consider to be a problem may actually be an opportunity to learn and to grow. “Know matter what... we grow, know matter what we think we know... we grow.”- Argisle. When things start to fall apart, allow yourself to emerge. Let your faith in the journey be stronger than your fears, give yourself space to explore a new view point differently than your own. As your mind blossoms, it doesn’t mean that you put your own thoughts and beliefs aside but that you are able to respectfully see the other side of the spectrum and with this shift in perspective you can see the World in all its beauty.

We are all on a bumpy road, but we are on it together. We have to embrace our differences instead of allowing them to divide us. Be neither “here” nor “there” but “meet in the middle.” Our compassion for each other must recognize that every human being is a member of humanity regardless of our differences, deep down there is no difference. Different doesn’t mean wrong. We are all in this together and we are only as strong as we are united.

We have come to the cross road, do we follow the path of least resistance or do we wander off the beaten path to an open minded peaceful World, let us redirect our routines and recreate a larger loop; a greater circle of Life. One that is filled with unity, equality and understanding of our differences. In a circle, no one is in front of you, no one is behind you, no one is above you and no one is below you... we are one.

These are my thoughts,

Amber Goss 

The Value of Time

April 2020

What I am learning through this experience is the value of •time•

•Time• we spend alone or with the ones dear to our hearts, the peace and relaxation that •time• gives us. These moments reflect how badly we needed a break from routine, stress, life...

“The most precious gift you can give someone is the gift of your time and attention.”

This fills my soul knowing that your experience here at Bella Vista gave you your... •time•

My heart is overflowing as I read your kind words, my love for Massage is stronger than ever and I can’t wait to see you all again.

“Touch is vital to the skin and soul, touch heals.”


April 2020

White Sage is one of my very favorite aromas and daily rituals. Smudging is a Native American practice of cleansing your space physically, energetically and metaphysically. Sage, derived from the Latin word salvere, means •to heal•

Respectfully place Sage on an item from the Earth, as you can see I have a collection of items gathered from our Colorado adventures. Light the end, I slowly walk through every room in our home and Spa allowing the smoke to cleanse our space, while guiding the smoke and negative energies towards the door to escape, I then cleanse myself from head to toe setting my intentions for the day. Place the Smudge stick on your Earthy item and allow the remaining embers to extinguish.

Sage has many medicinal properties such as antimicrobial and antibacterial but it’s also well known for cleansing negative energy and connecting you to the Earth as a sacred practice of the Native Americans.

Smudging makes me grounded, peaceful and happy.

This is the most recognized aroma of the Spa as I cleanse the massage room after each client. 

Peace. Love. Earth 

March 2020

I feel moved to share this, I am honored to be featured in a Blog expressing my Earth loving Hippie self. I am all Peace. Love. Earth.

A Different Perspective